How to Choose an Administrative Consultant

Needs Administrative ConsultantSo at last you’ve decided to delegate your administrative work. You’ve decided to engage the services of someone who will work with you to accomplish your goals – someone who will take care of the administrative tasks while you do what you do best – grow your business.

You may know that some call themselves virtual assistants, others administrative assistants or administrative consultants.

But how do you decide which one to call?

How can you trust that what you see on a website portrays the true qualities of the services she provides?

The following are indications that she views herself as a professional who seeks excellence in her own business and will do the same for you. (Because most Administrative Consultants are women, I’m choosing to use the feminine pronoun.)

You Know She’s the One If She…

  1. Classifies herself as an independent contractor for the Internal Revenue Service. In other words, she controls how and when she accomplishes the work as she meets the deadlines you both agree on.
  2. Sees herself not as an employee, but as a professional offering her services for your benefit, much as an attorney or medical practitioner would.
  3. Directs the financial aspects of her business, including training, equipment, taxes, and health insurance.
  4. Is an experienced professional who seeks collaborative, ongoing business relationships, not one-time tasks or projects. The longer you work together, the more efficiently you both accomplish your mutual goals.
  5. Seems anxious for you to talk with her present or past clients for honest evaluations of her service.
  6. Asks pertinent questions about your business, evaluating whether or not the relationship is a good business fit.
  7. Requires only the training required to learn about your specific business practices, clientele, and schedule.

You Know She’s the One to Keep If She:

  1. Gives you her full attention when you’re working together – even though you realize she also supports other clients.
  2. Doesn’t promise you an earlier deadline or more than she can realistically deliver.
  3. Keeps up with current trends in best office practices.
  4. Values your time and sets clear, reasonable boundaries about your use of her time.
  5. Respects the confidentiality that is essential to your success and competitive edge.
  6. Knows her success depends on your success.
  7. Knows how to manage her time in order to accommodate multiple clients’ projects, personalities, and deadlines.


Cheryl Bryan

About Cheryl Bryan

Cheryl has years of experience in the business world, in a variety of fields: staffing, insurance, construction, and advertising, to name a few. She has freelanced since 1990. Friends and colleagues describe her as genuine, thoughtful, gracious, organized, easy-going, compassionate, a "thinker as well as a doer," and one who not only gets the job done but does it well. Born in rural Nebraska, she is back now after living in California, Texas, South Africa, Illinois, Tennessee, and Mississippi and traveling in Europe, South Africa, and Thailand.
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