My Story

What a trip it’s been!

Cheryl BryanNo one is more surprised than I am to find myself back “home” after what’s been an exciting and diverse journey so far.

In 2007 – with all four of our children grown – my husband and I moved to Imperial, the small town in southwest Nebraska where I was born. In the intervening years, I had lived in San Diego, Dallas, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Chicago as well as smaller towns in Tennessee and Mississippi.

In 1990, when we moved back to the States after 12 years of mission work in South Africa, I began serving clients as a home-based administrative assistant in the Chicago area. Though clients appreciated my accuracy, efficiency, and organizational abilities, many also relied on my ability to make them look good on paper.

Through the years, I composed business letters, brochures, and weekly newsletters and helped re-write resumes – but hesitated to call myself a writer.

Ten years later, I was hired as an office manager for an advertising and marketing agency in Greenville, Mississippi. Eventually I became their go-to proofreader and copy editor and was given the opportunity to write a variety of articles for their regional monthly magazine, Life in the Delta. I also received on-the-job training from the owner in writing copy for both print and broadcast media.

Since moving here, my writing responsibilities have continued. I still write, edit copy, and proofread articles and copy for ads and other promotional materials, including videos. Blogging has also become part of my repertoire. You’ll find writing examples on my Portfolio page.

With both a long and varied professional history and an enthusiasm for embracing new enterprises, I look forward to contributing my depth of experience and resources to your next project.



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