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Cheryl has years of experience in the business world, in a variety of fields: staffing, insurance, construction, and advertising, to name a few. She has freelanced since 1990. Friends and colleagues describe her as genuine, thoughtful, gracious, organized, easy-going, compassionate, a "thinker as well as a doer," and one who not only gets the job done but does it well. Born in rural Nebraska, she is back now after living in California, Texas, South Africa, Illinois, Tennessee, and Mississippi and traveling in Europe, South Africa, and Thailand.

Do Your News Releases Follow These Simple Guidelines?

If you’re reading this, it’s because you know a news release can be more effective than an ad in promoting your business. Prospective clients or customers realize ads are biased. It’s obvious you’re trying to sell something. But readers will view … Continue reading

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You might need a white paper if…

A white paper can be a background piece, a summary of product highlights, or a more detailed statement of problem and the solution and is usually 3 to 14 pages long in a Word and/or PDF format. Continue reading

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You might need a brochure if…

In this day when the internet is so pervasive, printed materials still have a place. With a well planned, well written, and well designed brochure, you can leave a prospect with a piece that educates, promotes, and lasts much longer than a quick glance at your website. Continue reading

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You might need a case study if…

There’s no better marketing than word of mouth, but your customers have limited circles of influence. You can widen those circles with case studies.
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What Does a Copy Editor Do?

The first thing a copy editor does is prevent sentences like this from being published: “Even though her husband is the chef, Melissa says she enjoys cooking herself.” or this: “Music is one thing the women share in common with … Continue reading

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Are You Recruiting or Attracting?

I love how a change in the words you use can change your whole attitude. Think of the words recruit and attract. The word recruiting hints at going out into the world to promote your service club, your weight loss … Continue reading

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Seven Easy, No-cost Ways to Publicize Your Nonprofit

  Little Money, Little Time We don’t always have the time – or the money — to publicize our philanthropic organizations in all the ways the media experts say it should be done, i.e. creating and maintaining a website, putting … Continue reading

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How your personality affects your success

Many years ago, when we lived in Chicago, we took a stranger into our home. Gayla had come to the area to visit her son, who was in prison. (I don’t remember the nature of his crime.) She stayed with … Continue reading

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Comma Corrections–Did I Do It Right?

And does it matter? Following are some isolated sentences I corrected in recent proofreading gigs. What do you think – was it right or wrong for me to make the change? Correction No. 1 Abe’s got some good ideas and … Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Count on Spellchecker

No doubt about it – English is a difficult language, especially when it comes to spelling. I admire those who learn English as a second language – especially those who speak in languages like Spanish, where the pronunciation of vowels and … Continue reading

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