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Comma Corrections–Did I Do It Right?

And does it matter? Following are some isolated sentences I corrected in recent proofreading gigs. What do you think – was it right or wrong for me to make the change? Correction No. 1 Abe’s got some good ideas and … Continue reading

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The Most Common Misplaced Modifier

What is a misplaced modifier? Simply put – it’s a word in your sentence that modifies, or describes, the wrong word. As I edit or proofread articles, the modifier I see misplaced most often is only. Two examples here: “The painting … Continue reading

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Which is which. That is that!

Which of the following is better? 1. Clothes Peg is a program which donates clothing to children. OR 2. Clothes Peg is a program that donates clothing to children. What about these two sentences? 1. Funds will go to the … Continue reading

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